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Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Is there a limit on users/logs/alerts?


What kinds of checklists can I build out in here?

Temperature logs, food safety logs, equipment checks, cleaning lists, manager checklists, opening/closing lists, cooling logs, food waste logs, prep lists, inventory checks, and more!

Can I get alerts to multiple devices?

Yes! Any device that you are signed in on will receive the alerts.

What tablet/phone is needed?

Any Apple or Android tablet/phone will work, as well as Kindle Fire since it can access Google Play store.

Is there any required hardware like a bluetooth thermometer?

Nope! No hardware required

Can I receive reports straight to my email?

Yes! We send daily email reports to your email. You can also schedule additional exports of reports

Can I add team members without them being able to edit?

Yes! You’ll want to add these team members with the “user” role so they can take logs but not edit.

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