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Born Out of Necessity

We had a food safety scare that highlighted the problems with managing food safety and completing restaurant operations on paper. We know how hard food safety is and wanted to help make it easier. We developed this for ourselves and to help business owners like you.

Mission & Values

FreshCheq aims to deliver software people love to use that simplifies food safety and restaurant operations.


We are a family business and we look forward to being the people answering the phone in 20 years.

Restauraunt Oriented

29 years (and counting) of owning restaurants. We understand the issues that restaurant owners have and built FreshCheq specifically for you.

We Are Here
to Serve

We answer the phone on nights and weekends. We do all of the set up with you. Our mandate is to have no equals in terms of our customer service.

Jake Davis

Managing Partner

Scott Davis


Wendy Davis

Head of Marketing

Samuel Davis

Head Developer

Peter Sperry

Database Architect

Improve Your Restaurant Forever in Just 30 Minutes!

We believe that digital food safety and restaurant operations need to be easy so the important things get done every day.
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